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      If TYNE DALY 
      had a love child 

     (and who's to say they didn't),
       that would be


                           CURRENT 2023 SHENANIGANS

  • I started off the year playing Marty in a Zoom production of "Circle Mirror Transformation" by Annie Baker. It was a Daniel Sefik Production.

  • I had the privilege of being cast as the Nurse (and Lady Montague) in MAD Company Theater's inaugural production of Romeo & Juliet at the Abrons Arts Center/The Underground Theatre that ran in March & April. 

  • I now have a home voiceover studio consisting of Reaper & Audacity on my Mac, an AKG P120 XLR mic, a mic stand, Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface and all the soundproofing gadgets.  



                    NEW SHENANIGANS IN 2022

  • In March my first play on a NYC stage with live people in the audience that
    I could see and hear - LIFE AFFIRMING!  It was The Acronymn Plays at Urban Stages.  

  • In June I did an excerpt of my solo show, RAISED BY WOMEN in a Zoom show for Chicago Dramatists.

  • In June I took a fabulous month long voiceover workshop with the fabulous Andy Roth.

  • I am continuing to work on my solo show which I will get to do live (an excerpt) at the new Barrow Group space in July.  YAY

  • In September I did a staged reading at The Tank of of a new play by Paige Goodwin called "Not a Myth" and had a blast playing Circe who was like someone's fun and wacky aunt.

  • Another staged reading in October of a new play, "Saltwater Farm" by Ann Timmons. I got to revel in the role of Agnes, the domestic help with a game
    changing secret.

  • In November I got to play with the folks up at Columbia University when I did "The Two Nobel Kinsmen" by Shakespeare/John Fletcher as part of Spencer Whale's senior directing project.  I played Queen 1, Countryman & a Servant.

             2020 & 2021 - A BLUR OF SHENANIGANS & MISERY

  • I rung in the pandemic with the rest of the world

  • When I wasn't binge watching television shows I did a plethora of projects
    on Zoom and Skype including a video project of reimagined Shakespearean 
    sonnets, a video project of custom written sonnets, countless Zoom playreadings, one-Act festivals, 24-hour monologues, a full-length prooduction of the play ALMOST, MAINE and a full-length Skype production (in various cemetery locations around the country) of SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY where I played 8 characters. Me, I tried to do it from Central Park. I ended up doing it in front of a green screen in my living room.

  • A Zoom production of "A Christmas Pudding" with friends in LA where I did 2 pieces, one of which was a drunk TV cooking show host making Fruitcake. My kitchen was a disaster afterwards but I was told people laughed so it was worth it.

  • I started to write a solo show about my mother and the women who raised me.

  • A monologue as Fanny Brice written by D. Lee Miller done over Zoom w/The Barrow Group - F.A.B. (For women, About women, By women)

  • A bunch of Zoom acting classes, writing classes and casting director workshops. 

                      NEW SHENANIGANS IN 2019!

  • Audio recording of the adapted radio scripts of ALL ABOUT EVE and SORRY, WRONG NUMBER (SO FUN!) for a mystery show podcast and audition for WFMU Public Radio to do a 14 episode series. 

  • Lead in an independent film short, "A Good Home"

  • The role of Jill in a reading of "The Pussy Grabber Plays" at
    IRT Theater as part of the #Heal Me Too Festival - the piece
    "Troublemaker", written by
     Sharyn Rothstein and based on
    the bravery of Jill Harth. 

  • Played a heroin addict mother from New Jersey and a
    heartbroken British grandmother in 2 new plays in progress ("Atlantic City Seagulls" and "Reborns")
    by Cayenne Douglass.

  • Lead in a short film - "Merry Christmas from the Mancini's"

  • The short play "Crocodile" at the Kraine Theater for the
    NY MADNESS Theatre company Playwriting Collective

  • Cabaret show - FABARET at the Laurie Beechman Theater
    fundraiser for F.A.B. Theatre Company (I'm a member!)


                           2018 Shenanigans . . . 

  • Short film (drama), "Getting There"

  • Independent Film (also the documentary), "Marty's Shadow" 

  • Short film (comedy), "Family Pride"

  • New play "Between Fire and Smoke" at The Signature Theater's 
    Ford Studio.

  • Staged reading of "Veda in Time" at LaMama

  • Staged reading of "Motherfucking O'Malley's" by Kate Moira
    Ryan at Nylon Fusion Theater

  • Short play festival: "Broken" at Urban Stages 

  • New play "Dumpster Fire" as part of the sheNYC Festival at the
    Connelly Theater. WE WON THE BEST ENSEMBLE AWARD! 

  • Directed a staged reading of a new play, "Man of Their Dreams"
    at Shetler's Bridge Theater

  • Staged reading of "The Crucible/El Crisol" at The Drama Club

  • I wrote a 15 minute play (could also be a short film) called
    "Guess Who's Coming to Hanukkah

  • I'm working on expanding my 15 minute solo show: 
    "Last Stop: Neverland"

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