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  If Tyne Daly and Joan   
  Rivers had a love child

    (and who's to say   
       they didn't) 

      that would be



It all began on a snowy January day in the small town of Dunmore, PA near the metropolis of Scranton, PA. The rest is history. 

I may have overshot that.  There's more to the story (isn't there always?).  My acting teacher at Rutgers, Mason Gross School

of the Arts, the late William Esper, told me, "You can make'm laugh and you can make'em cry. Sometimes in the same sentence."


I thrive on creating my own work and collaborating with talented friends and artists. Theatre was my first love and continues to be

my greatest love, although I've enjoyed doing television and film (don't judge me, theatre and I have an open relationship).

GET READY FOR SOME HORN TOOTING.  I was nominated for an Ovation Award in LA for my solo show, "Last Stop: Neverland", been featured in productions presented by The Signature Theatre, The Atlantic Theatre (Director's Project), The Barrow Group, Lincoln Center New Works Series and The Public Theatre's Reading Series.

If my parents had me a decade earlier, I would have been a peace, love and understanding flower child of the 60's.  Only my sign would have said, MAKE ART NOT WAR!  So let's do that!

Thank you for playing.  xo



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